~Needs a Tital~ part 9

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~Needs a Tital~ part 9

Post  Guest on Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:36 pm

"so Ai will you be mine?"

She looked at him with longing eyes "Yes...Yes i will" she said smileing

than Koko and the other bursted in throwing confetti around "PRAZE JEBUS!" koko yelled "Ai finnaly got herself a man....but now down to bussness"

everyone looked at Koko and Ai listend while getting dressed

"first off I dun wanna have Ai liveing with me so Sirwolf you will take her to live with you in the hideout"

"ok" he replied picking Ai up again

once at the hideout Ai looked around "what is this place?" she asked

"its the akatsuki hideout" Wolf replied putting his cloak on

Than another boy walked in he was Brunette and went by the name Tsumi. He looked at Ai

"who's she wolf?" -_- he asked

"shes my girlfriend" he said proudly putting an arm around her

Tsumi exsamend the girl and spotted the Jashinest neaklace hanging from her neak "hmm"

"Girl spar with me a want to test your strength" he said to her

Ai looked at the boy with a grin "ok...."

"heh ok lets do this"



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