~Needs a tital~ part 7

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~Needs a tital~ part 7

Post  Guest on Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:42 pm

"why are you guys in here?" Ai Asked

"well we got bored" Ryuzaki replied

"and by the way....your chest is showing" Ryuga told her

She quickly grabbed the blanket and pulled it over her chest "GO AWAY" she screamed with a red face

"Dun feel like it" Ryuga said laughing than she threw a Kunai at him with anger in her eyes "Go now" she said "ok no need to be so cranky" they bolth said leaving "pfft girls these days" Ryuga whispered to Ryuzaki "Heh I know so cranky...or maybe its just her"

After the twins left the room Koko came into the room with Ai's clothes

"here you are" she said laying them on her bed.

than she looked at Ai and couldn't believe it "A-ai?" she said "w-what....how did you get here?"

Still in shock that Kokoro was Koko she answered "Um your computer"

"YOU WENT ON MY COMPUTER????" Koko yelled and everyone in her house could here and they wanted to see what was going on so they all appeared in the one bedroom

"Hey! your awake" wolf said smiling

Ai looked at wolf began to blush and looked at her bed sheets koko saw everything

"what the fudge is going on with you two" she asked

wolf shrugged Ai blushed more than koko got an idea "me is gonna me cupid" she thought to herself

"hey Ryu Ryuga come help me make dinner" she said politely leaving the room

"Ok Koko" they both said together and fallowed her

once they left wolf looked at Ai

"you were awake wernt you?" he grinned

"how did you know" she asked

"i could tell....well did you like it?" he said in a playful voice

her face got even more red

"well how about an oncore performance?" he said as her was crawling onto her bed and began to straddle her

"w-what are you doing?" she asked blushing like hell



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Re: ~Needs a tital~ part 7

Post  SirWolf on Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:02 am

*stradles you when your naked and grinns*

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