Valentines Day Stories for Ai Part 2

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Valentines Day Stories for Ai Part 2

Post  Ryuzaki on Wed Feb 04, 2009 12:22 pm

Sora took the Valentines card that Itachi ha given him, and began to read it.

"Roses are red... Violets are blue... I can't wait to come down on you! ;D" the card showed.

"What does that even m--" Sora started, but was cut off by Itachi pressing his lips against Sora's.

Itachi pushed Sora onto the bed, and began undressing him. After they were both naked, Itachi began sucking his manhood. (Bleh. DX)

"Ah...Oh...Itachi-kun..." he moaned, gripping Itachi's head.
(At this point I'm disgusted, so this next part will be typed by Cynthia.)

Itachi inserted himself into Sora, making him scream in pleasure. Itachi thrusted in and out in rythyms, coaxing out louds moans from Sora.

"Ah..! Oh my gawd...!! I-Itachi.." moaned Sora, gripping the sheets.

Finally, Itachi slid out of Sora, and they both laid panting on the bed. -Ryuzaki told meh to stop here. XD-

"Best Valentine gift ever..." sighed Sora.

"Heh..." said Itachi.

Sora cuddled with Itachi, and they both fell asleep.
Hopefully Ai doesn't mind that I didn't write part of it. ^_^'
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Re: Valentines Day Stories for Ai Part 2

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