~needs a tital~ part 5

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~needs a tital~ part 5

Post  Guest on Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:26 am

As the four were walking thrugh a area place Ryuzaki ran a head and as he was over a hill (or something) they herd him yell ''HEY GUYS THERES AN OUTDOOR HOTSPRING"

''oh really? that sounds nice" Ai said smileing

"Than its been agreed were going in the hotspring'' wolf said grinning getting undressed and the other guys got undressed and hopd right in Ai just stood there fully clothed ''dose it gotta be co-ed?" she asked

"Yes it dose" wolf said grinning "that way I can protect you from all those perverts who try to see you naked"

''isnt he one of them?'' Ryuzaki whisperd to Ryuga "yup....lets watch" xD

"but...um...." "Ai you'll live longer if you bathe with men!'' wolf cut in than Ai did the stu pedest thing possable "well....o-ok" she knew well enough that she wouldent live longer but she really wanted to bathe with wolf so she got undressed and steped in while wolf stared and Ryuzaki and Ryuga were haveing a spash fight.

she sat across from the guys blushing covering her chest with her hands ''aw come on Ai show us your chest" Wolf said grinning as he walked twords her and she blushed even darker than ever "n-no i would reather not" she said in a very tiny voice "well i'll just have to make you" and before she got the chance to respond he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into a kiss her arms droped to her sides in shock of the kiss as wolf broke away ge grabed her breast "HA! I win"

With Wolf's hand on Ai's breast she herd a "oooooo" from Ryuzaki and Ryuga and she fainted from shock and fell into Wolf's arms



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Re: ~needs a tital~ part 5

Post  SirWolf on Wed Feb 04, 2009 10:29 am

*laughing*you know me way to well Ai and also YAY BOOOOOOOOOOBIES*rubbing your boobies*

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