The Irezumi clan

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The Irezumi clan

Post  Tsumi on Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:18 pm

Name of Clan:The Irezumi clan

Clan Bloodline:Shiroi Bara



Motto: we will distroy all who gets in are way

Founder(s): Tsumi Irezumi

Special Abilities: See discription

Members: Tsumi

Bloodline discription: Shiroi Bara means white rose in Japanese. It is named that for the rose shaped pattern on your body and the white eyes when activated. It can be used to look at an animal's, person's, or living object's aura and Charka.

The good sides is that it will heklp in battle. Reading aura can help make judgements on when to dodge, for aura moves a bit faster than the body moves. It also helps on when a person is lying, you can tell if their aura is happy, or pure evil at that moment. Also cheering someone up can help. Charka is good because it can do the same things as Byakugan.

Bad sides. It takes up a lot of charka. It also comes as a bad side. The marks are not only decoration, but a spell as well in a way. It's used to protect the user. When the User completely runs out of Charka or is unable to move, the marks cover the body and give the body new shape for the "Protector." The protector is a spirit that is inside the user from the very start of the bloodline. It is used to protect the user, though some are evil.
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