Bound By Destiny Chapter 1

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Bound By Destiny Chapter 1

Post  Akane Tsukiko on Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:04 pm

Title: Bound By Destiny Chapter 1

Creator: ME

Preveiw: A yugioh fan fic i made in mmy spare time ^_^


Bound by Destiny: An Untold Story of an Egyptian Pharoah


"PHAROAH! You must escape while you can!" one of the Pharoah's servants called frantically. "Don't worry about me!" the Pharoah called back. "Why won't you escape?!" his servant questioned. "Just go! I have to find her! So save yourself and do not worry about me!" the Pharoah shouted to his servant. And with that, he ran down the palace corridors.
The Pharoah ran as fast as he could to the courtyard. His heart was pounding and he could feel the blood rushing through him. When he reached the courtyard what he saw made his eyes grow wide. He collapsed to his knees, tears rolling down his cheeks. "" he panted, hardly being able to breathe. The whole world was becoming a blur around him. He couldn't feel a single bone in his body. But with his last ounce of strength, he managed to utter two words. "I....I'm sorry......." he whispered with his last breath. And then the world went black.

Chapter 1

Yugi jolted awake, and realized he was sweating. "That dream.....seemed so real...." he murmurred to himself. He wiped the sweat form his face and layed back, glad that the dream was over. He thought of the dream, remembering it vividly. The fear and sorrow he had felt made his heart throb. 'What does this mean.....' he thought to himself. He calmed down a bit and decided to not think about it any longer. He had exams tomorrow at school and needed his sleep. So without another thought, he relaxed and let sleep consume him.


BEEP!!!!!!!!! The sound of her alarm clock jolted her awake. She was laying in her bed, dazed. She could barely remember anything of the previous day. Until, of course, she looked at her clock and saw she had overslept. "Oh no...." she groaned as the memories of the events of the past week flooded into her mind.

~One Week Ago~

She was playing on her computer as usual in her apartment. She had been living alone since she was 8 years old, because she was an orphan. She wasn't completely on her own in the world, though. Her aunt Ryouko had been sending her weekly checks that had enough money for her to get by. Either way, she was playing on her computer when she heard a knock at the door.

'Who could it be?' she wondered as she walked to the door. When she opened the door, there stood a woman in a long Egyptian dress. "Who are you?" she asked confusedly. "I am Ishizu Ishtar." she said calmy. "And you must be Boshi Takahashi, right?" "Well, yes, but how did you know that?" Boshi asked, still very confused. "May I come in? I shall explain once I have a seat, for it is very cold out today." Ishizu said as cold wind brushed by them. "Okay..." Boshi said, and let Ishizu inside the house.

Ishizu took a seat in a chair in the living room. "So now will you tell me why your here?" Boshi asked. "Very well, I shall tell you." Ishizu said, and she began her explanation.

"You see, long ago, there was an ancient Pharoah, who ruled all of Egypt. The Pharoah had a young son in those days, and he was the pride and joy of the Pharoah. But one tragic day, the Pharoah was killed, and his son was only about 8 or 10 at the time. Even though he was technically the Pharoah, he was not prepared. The ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses saw this from the heavens and were displeased. "How can a child be Pharoah on his own?!" They questioned. They knew something had to be done. So they decided that thye would send a God or Goddess to look after the Pharoah and protect him. But who? They looked amongst themselves and eventually, after careful thought, they found the perfect candidate.

"They had chosen Nagareboshi, a young Goddess who was perfect for the job. Even though the other Gods and Goddesses were uncertain of her powers, they decided it was enough to protect the Pharoah. So as the Pharoah grew up, Nagareboshi grew up along side him, disguised as a mere servant. And all went well, until the day....a great evil arose...... This evil threatened to destroy all of Egypt and beyond. This was the day Nagareboshi had been prepared for. As the Pharoah battled furiously, Nagareboshi was preparing for the one moment she had to fight for the Pharoah. And at that instant she arose from the panicking crowds and showed her true form. She transformed into her Goddess form and summoned the Nagareboshi Staff. Then-"

"The Nagareboshi Staff?" Boshi asked. "Yes the Nagareboshi Staff. It is her weapon that is a Staff with a five-pointed star at the end. It has the ability to manipulate the five elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Light, and Darkness." Ishizu briefly explained.

"Either way, then Boshi used the Nagareboshi Staff to harness the darkness surrounding her and unleashed the light from her staff. The evil was destroyed as Boshi stood there, in her black and white dress. And as the Pharoah gazed at her, he was amazed. He wondered who this girl was and why she had protected him. Though before he could speak, she flew off to behind the palace. After that day, the Pharoah could not get Nagareboshi out of his head. He thought of her often and wanted ot find out who she was. In a bittersweet way, he got to see her often after that day, but only because she helped fight off many minor evils that had arisen in those days, but went down quickly.

"That is, until an evil like no other had came to the earth. It was a dark empire that had a great power that was more powerful than anything else. It might have even destroyed the Pharoah if it weren't for Nagareboshi. You see, that night when the evil empire attacked, the Pharoah lost all hope. Even when Nagareboshi fought with everything she had, she was defeated. Then the evil empire attacked the Pharoah, which nearly killed him. This was too much for Nagareboshi. She arose even though she was badly wounded, and wiht her last ounce of strength used an unknown power that had been dwelling inside her since her birth, and she unleashed her hidden power, defeating the evil empire. Sadly, she used her last ounce of strength and thta was her death. When the Pharoah found her, he was devastated. He would never know who the mysterious Goddess really was.

"And what do I have to do with your little fairy tale?" Boshi asked. "I thought you would never ask. You see, the Pharoah has returned and so has Nagareboshi. So in a way, you are the reincarnation of Nagareboshi." Ishizu said. "Wait...WHAT!?!?!?!" Boshi was completely shocked and slightly confused. "You are the reincarnation of Nagareboshi, and you must resum your job and protect the Pharoah as you did in the past.

I can definetly say that that moment of that day was the moment Boshi's life changed forever.

To be Continued~
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