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Name: Ai Chi! (meaning Love Blood) (nickname Pumpkin)

Age: 14

Village: Akatsuki

History: Ai Chi was born in the leaf village and she was apart of the Jashin religine she didnt make many friends because of that not even her family loved her and everyone beat her telling her to leave so she ran away at the age of 8. She Made her own clan the Chi clan, though she is the only clan member and she was still an acadamy student the day she left with no headband she tought herself most of the jutsus she knows one day wondering around she stumbled into the akatsuki base they obviously didnt want her in there so they has itachi take care of it but much to there suprise it was a draw! and she fainted in the middle of the hideout not much is known of what happend while she was asleep but when she woke up she was in a bed wearing an akatsuki cloak.many years passed and the older members died or dissapeared and one day before leaveing on a important mission Pein Told Ai she was the new leader so he left her with the hideout alone she droped to her knees and cried she was alone again.....she could never trust anyone they would all leave or dissapoint her....like always.

Appearance: Avatar!

Personality: rude to everyone, potty mouth, sarcastic, but also hyper, very Playful, a kind heart! (way deep down)

Clan: Chi Clan

Kunai [6]
Jashin Neaklace
Shurikin [5]

Weapons: Death Scythe

Jutsus: Death Controller Possessing Blood,Shadow Clone Jutsu,Chi Clan Secret Jutsu

Pets: Bunny

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