Character Creation Template

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Character Creation Template

Post  Akane Tsukiko on Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:57 am

[Copy and paste to a new topic]

Age: [Doesn't have to be your real life age, but your role play characters age]

Village: [What you are in]

History: [Everyone has a past, so don't say unknown! Just make somethin up!!!!!!]

Appearance: [describe what your character looks like]

Personality: [Your characters personality]

Clan: [You can create a Clan or join an already made Clan]

Inventory: [What do you carry with you? If you have more than one of something, label that with the item]
Example Inventory:
Kunai [6]
Book [3]

Weapons: [You can add these after youve created your own weapon in the weapon section. You may only have certain amounts of weapon depending on your rank]
Academy Student: 1 weapon
Genin: 3 weapons
Chuunin: 4 weapons
Jounin: 6 weapons
Kage: 8 weapons

Jutsus:[Add these after creating your own jutsus] [You may only have as many jutsus as your rank allows] [you may also only have jutsus at the level your rank allows]
Academy Student: 3 jutsus [E rank]
Genin: 5 jutsus [D-C Rank]
Chuunin: 7 jutsus [B Rank]
Jounin: 8 jutsus [A Rank]
Kage: 10 jutsus [same as Jounin]

Pet(s): [Add these after you create a pet in the pet section] [You may only have as many pets as you rank allows]
Academy Student: 1 pet
Genin: 1 pet
Chuunin: 2 pets
Jounin: 3 pets
Kage: 5 pets
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